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Real Estate Exam Prep Tutoring & Review San Diego



In 2016, there were 50,201 exams administered, but only 22,916 licenses issued, according to The California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) statistics. The ‘Real Estate Exam Prep’ is the final and most important step in your real estate education before taking the California real estate license exam. Our FREE Real Estate Exam Prep Tutoring & Review* sessions provides many valuable tips, prepares you to take and successfully pass the State Exam.

Real Estate Tutoring - HallDoran RealtyIf you have already taken the three college level courses and only need to prepare for the state exam, we suggest our FREE Real Estate Exam Prep Tutoring & Review* sessions. These FREE tutoring and review sessions are lead by a broker, and are designed to help you pass the test the first time.

Each bi-weekly session will review the most important topics typically found on the California Real Estate License Exam. All seven major topics are covered in four evening sessions; attend all or just the ones where you need a little help.

In addition to tutoring and review on basic real estate subjects, our Real Estate Exam Prep sessions includes:

  1. Printed prep study materials
  2. Real estate terms and word glossary
  3. Strategies to passing the state exam (the DRE tricks)
  4. Practice Exams

How difficult is the California Real Estate License Exam?

Our strategies on how to pass your Real Estate Exam include:

• Strategies for those who are not good at complex math problems
• Strategies for the white board that you are provided
• Strategies for studying and preparing
• Strategies for long lengthy questions

And so much more! These tips are something you don’t learn from other blogs or schools.

Our goal is to help you pass the California Real Estate License Exam the first time!










*These FREE Real Estate Exam Prep Tutoring & Review sessions are not intended to reflect any school, curriculum, or guarantee. HallDoran, Inc. does not offer any guarantee of your successfully passing the California Real Estate Salesperson License Exam. These sessions are merely tutoring and review sessions offered free of charge and are intended to help you prepare for the state license exam. HallDoran, Inc. shall not be held liable for your success or failure with the California Real Estate Salesperson License Exam, nor is HallDoran, Inc. warranting the content presented within each tutoring and review session – whether printed to verbal. HallDoran, Inc. is not an affiliated or licensed real estate school. If you are desiring a guaranteed program that offers to reimburse your class or testing fees, please research them independently online or from the DRE.