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Join Our Team

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At HallDoran Realty, we define synergy as: Superior agents and attentive brokers working as a team offering our clients the confidence to transact real estate in today’s market. We are looking for a few amazing individuals to join our winning team. Experienced brokers and individuals who are new to the business are welcomed. We love mentoring!

Your Future Starts with a Strong Foundation

HallDoran Realty is an agent-center brokerage with its focus on building strong relationships with the community. After all, it is the community in which we live that provides us our very means. It all starts with equipping you so that you can work at your very best…


Work Anywhere

No matter where you are located, HallDoran Realty is harnessing the power of today’s technology, enabling you to work at home or in the field. Gone are the days of the traditional real estate office. You have access to all the tools needed wherever you can connect online, including lead generation programs, transaction technology, content marketing, and advertising support. You are never left alone; broker support is only a phone call, text, or email away.

Powerful Training

Real estate is an ever changing field. With our live and virtual training, you too can be at the leading edge of your career. Training opportunities are continuously available. Need a little one-on-one? Our broker has an open door policy, and will take the time needed to mentor you.

Maximum Earning Potential

No desk fees. No franchise fees. No review fees. HallDoran Realty is truly a No-Fee brokerage. Not many brokerages can honestly claim this; the few that do give you the full commission then bill you for “services” and “operating expenses”. With HallDoran Realty, you keep 70-95% of your commissions, and enjoy a low company cap.

More Ways to Earn

HallDoran Realty agents have the opportunity to take part in our growth incentive. Earn additional income on each transaction from each Associate-Licensee you refer to our brokerage (for two years). We also host a variety of team building promotions with amazing prizes, trips, and gifts.


HallDoran Realty's Core Values

Service: Be proactive and seek solutions; innovate and improve. We provide solutions, not excuses.

Stewardship: Taking ownership, continuously bettering standards with passion and pride.

Collaboration: Stay curious; inspire passion. Ideas are communicated with respect and clarity.

Transparency: Be accountable for our actions and deeds; taking responsibility for our outcomes.

Integrity: Honesty, fairness and humility in our conduct and transactions.

Agility: Speedy, responsive, adaptive and proactive in delivering pragmatic and value-based solutions.

Laughter: Smile! The joy in our hearts will help shape today and tomorrow.

Community: Sowing back into our community, creating a legacy of pride and respect.


Here are the top reasons you should join one of San Diego’s best independent real estate brokerages.

1. Centrally located. HallDoran Realty’s main office is located in Old Town San Diego, with new offices opening throughout San Diego in the near horizon.

2. Agent centered. Our company exists to serve you, our agent, as you are the face of our company.

3. No hidden commission fees. We understand you work hard for your commission. You will receive your strait commission fee without frivolous and unexpected fees and expenses.

4. Latest technology. We provide our agents access to the latest real estate technology and marketing, assisting them with client and transaction management. (Additional tools optional, minor fees may apply.)

5. In-house marketing. Our in-house marketing is result-oriented, saving agents thousands of dollars in branding and marketing expenses. Here is a short example of the basic advertising HallDoran Realty provides at no additional expense to you, our agent:

  • Matterport 3D interactive photography
  • Professional still photography
  • Custom yard signage with QR code
  • Just listed/sold postcard mailers*
  • Open house flyers & signage*
  • Facebook & Instagram promotions
  • Magazine & Newspaper**
  • Agent business cards (1,000 count)

6. Local roots, heritage building. We pride ourselves of being the real estate experts in San Diego, by offering free classes and training to our agents.

7. Discerning standards. We understand that you are selective with whom you interview. HallDoran Realty appreciates the opportunity of you interviewing us; we are certain we would be a good fit for your real estate career.

* Starter pack **For select listings


HallDoran Realty Agent Commission Split

One of the most common questions people curious about a real estate career with HallDoran Realty will ask is, “What’s your company’s commission split?” Having been a former sales agent, Broker-Officer Brendon Hall knows all too well the hidden fees that mysteriously appear on the earning statement. These fees are often hidden in the fine prints of the company's policy manual. Back in his day, a 50/50 commission split generally resulted in a 25/75 split, with roughly 75% going to the broker. This seemed unfair, after all, the agent works hard for their fee.

With that said, HallDoran Realty offers a commission split is very competitive compared to other real estate firms, and some may say its even better as we don't nickle and dime our agents with fees. Every agent is on a graduating commission split program, and has the opportunity to keep 95% of their commission due to our excellent commission cap program.  We even have a custom program reserved for Top Producers, rewarding them for their hard-earned success. 

HallDoran Realty Commission Cap! Upon reaching a set amount of production (cap), the agent keeps 95% of the commission until their fiscal year starts again. This cap can generally be achieved after selling  6-8 houses per year.  How simple is that?

And it gets better! Your commission split will not be whittled away by hidden and unexpected fees.

These costs can be upwards of $200 to $300 per month, and some brokerages require their agents to pay annual "membership" dues of $500 to $2,000...or more!

We believe in treating our agents in the same manner in which we would like to be treated — fairly with honesty and transparency. That is why your commission is your commission, plain and simple.

What You Find At Other Real Estate Brokerages

Before you select a brokerage to hang your license with, make sure you interview 2 or 3 (or more) and get a feel for how their commission schedule is structured. Ask to see a copy of their policies and procedure manual where many hidden fees are...well, hiding.

Tidbits for Selecting a Brokerage

  1. When choosing a broker to hold your license, the commission arrangement may not be the most important factor. Weigh the services that your broker provides to agents, as well as the expected number of prospect leads and their quality. If you're receiving a large number of quality leads, then a smaller commission split percentage will still lead to more income for you.
  2. The percentage split is an amount agreed to by the broker and the agent and usually reflects the level of services and support the broker provides. It can also reflect the volume of business the agent brings in.  Highly productive agents can negotiate better splits.
  3. If you're in the process of choosing a broker to hold your license, the split is important, but should be balanced with the services and leads provided by the broker.
  4. Make sure you have a clear understanding on the monthly and annual costs the broker imposes for being part of their firm. These are often overlooked and come as surprises. See the table below!

Exercise Caution with "100% Commission" Brokerages

  1. Exercise caution with the "100% commission" models offered by several brokerages. In this model, the agent might be paying anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars per month for a desk fee. This fee is frequently based on the type and size of the office space the agent is given.  Another method is for the agent to pay a set fee per transaction to the broker. Generally, there is a whole menu of fees taken from the "100%" commission they led you to believe you have earned. See the table below!
  2. New agents generally are not interested in this model because of the fixed cost they must pay monthly. Not having any idea at the beginning of their commission income, new agents would find this method stressful. Also, few brokerages using this model want to take a new agent for these reasons.

Below are some examples of the type fees you may encounter at traditional commission split brokerages and 100% commission brokerages. Based on our experiences. the typical commission split can range from 50/50 to 90/10 (50% to 90% to the agent, and 10% to 50% to the broker). However, that is before other costs such as franchise fees, errors and omission insurance (E & O) expenses, admin fees, tech and.or desk fees, etc.

NOTE: The following figures are based on a the sale of a single home in a single month with a hypothetical $500,000 sale price, with a seller-paid 5% gross commission. Further, some fees may be paid in advance, or deducted from a specific number of sales.

Typical 80/20 Split "100% Commission"
Sales Price:   $500,000 Sales Price:   $500,000
Gross Commission: 2.5% $12,500 Gross Commission: 2.5% $12,500
Franchise Fee 7.0% $875 Franchise Fee 7.0% $875
Balance   $11,625 Balance   $11,625
Commission Split  80% $9,300 Commission Split 100% $11,625
Deductions     Deductions    
E & O Ins.   $150 File Fee   $600
Admin Fee   $100 Admin Fee   $100
T/C Fee   $400 T/C Fee   $400
Desk Fee   $100 Monthly Association Fee   $100
Tech Fee   $100 E & O Ins.   $150
Total Fees   $850 Desk Fee   $100
NET TO AGENT   $8,450 Tech Fee   $100
      Mentee Fee   $25
      Compliance Fee   $200
      Total Fees   $1,775
      NET TO AGENT   $9,850
Effective Commission    67.6% Effective Commission    78.8%

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that several brokerages impose monthly fees, REGARDLESS if you have sold any homes or not!

Choose the Simpler Brokerage, Choose HallDoran Realty!

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