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With the promises of the “100% Commission” or the “Technology Driven” brokerages to bring the $220 trillion-dollar real estate industry to you, why is often so hard to keep more of your earnings or find clients? The truth is, most brokerages are making their millions through add-on fees rather than agent commissions. This ultimately hurts you, the agent, whose only desire is to build a business for yourself.

By building a brokerage with the agent in mind, the leadership at HallDoran Realty dedicates their time in providing unique and personal solutions to each individual agent. Here, you will not be just a number lost in the sea of agents--you will be provided an opportunity for you and your clients to build a relationship where everyone wins.


"HallDoran Realty helped us prepare for the sale, helped us move and then spent their time ensuring the property was presented in the best light.

They always treated us with professional and personal care, honestly, and respect. It was a partnership."

Chris R.
Seller: Scripps Ranch, CA, $1,150,000


"HallDoran Realty helped us prepare for the sale, helped us move and then spent their time ensuring the property was presented in the best light.

They always treated us with professional and personal care, honestly, and respect. It was a partnership."

Chris R.
Seller: Scripps Ranch, CA, $1,150,000


Your Work-life Culture

As a real estate agent, you work independently much of the time, but you'll also need to work closely with your broker, transaction coordinator, office staff and other agents. With HallDoran Realty, you are never alone—even when you are in the field with clients!

Our culture is defined how we work and play together!

Never estimate the importance of a healthy work-life culture—your job satisfaction and personal fulfilment depends on it.

We help you set and achieve your goals which include recreational time for you to recharge, restore, and maintain focus.

We encourage and facilitate team building, recognizing that Together Everyone Achieves More.

Company-sponsored quarterly events for all agents, team members and their families, friends, and clients.

Recognition for meeting milestones and successes.

Frequent Happy Hours — Take a moment to relax, laugh, and let your hair down.

Social networking and connection building.

Work Smarter

By providing flexibility, on-demand support, technology and customized marketing, We are your No-Fee Support Brokerage.

Build Community

Earn additional revenue by referring other agents to the HallDoran Realty team and network. We like to reward your efforts!

Make an Impact

Each transaction you complete supports specific local non-profit causes that help make our community a better place for all.


Halldoran core values


Service: Be proactive and seek solutions; innovate and improve. We provide solutions, not excuses.

Stewardship: Taking ownership, continuously bettering standards with passion and pride. 

Collaboration: Stay curious; inspire passion. Ideas are communicated with respect and clarity.

Transparency: Be accountable for our actions and deeds; take responsibility for our outcomes.

Integrity: Honestly, fairness and humility in our conduct and transactions. 

Agility: Speedy, responsive, adaptive and proactive in delivering pragmatic and value-based solutions.

Laughter: Smile! The joy in our hearts will help shape today and tomorrow.

Community: Sowing back into our community, creating a legacy of pride and respect.

QUESTION: Why do more than half of all REALTORS® work with local brokerages?

ANSWER: Local culture, better support, lower fees, and more freedom!


It seems that many real estate brokers forget what it was like to be an agent themselves, as they are concerned with only one thing...numbers.

With HallDoran Realty, the broker works along side agents and teams. Building relationships inside and out of the brokerage is vital in a business that transacts one of life's most important assets—your client's home.

By providing agents and teams with the tools and support needed at no cost PLUS a competitive commission split, everyone enjoys the freedom of success.

Why I left eXp Realty and joined HallDoran Realty

"Simply put, I was tried of paying $85 per month, even on the months I didn't have any real estate activity."

John G.
Joined HallDoran Realty Feb. 2019

HallDoran Realty Helped Me Get My License

"The broker at HallDoran Realty taught an exam prep course. I passed my real estate exam on the first try. It was awesome!"

Candy M.
Joined HallDoran Realty Nov. 2017

No Fees with HallDoran Realty

"I shopped around for a broker. It amazed me how much of my money they wanted before I even started my real estate career. I'm glad I found HallDoran Realty, they didn't charge me a dime."

Denis D.
Joined HallDoran Realty Dec. 2017

Why I left Keller Williams for HallDoran Realty

"KW has some of the best training, and a lot of hype. But with HallDoran Realty, the training steps outside into the world of real estate."

Alisha J.
Joined HallDoran Realty Dec. 2017


Training, Coaching and Mentoring

A new agent needs access to good training. Real estate licensing school teaches you to pass a licensing exam; it does little in preparing you to actually sell real estate for a living. Good training and coaching is the cornerstone for a successful real estate career.

For a seasoned veteran, training may seem less critical that it is for the new licensee. Given how fast real estate is changing — with new technology and different client expectations and demands — ongoing training should be a strong consideration for any agent, regardless of tenure.

HallDoran Realty recognizes that solid training and mentoring is an important factor to your success, so we offer individual one-on-one, online, and classroom style training around your schedule.


Broker on Demand

A message from the broker...

"Back when I was an agent, it was difficult to get face-time with my broker. He seemed eager to hire me, then I was left on my own to navigate the real estate business.

This was not the relationship I wanted for our agents. We recognize that you are the ones who are out in the field, meeting clients, and orchestrating transactions. The broker’s primary job is to support his/her agents.

I personally make a commitment to each and every one of our agents to be available when they need a question answered, an idea sounded, or transaction unstuck…or any other reason big or small.

After all, we are successful only when you are successful!"

Broker is available 7-days a week via text, email or phone.

Broker has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of real estate, including residential, commercial, development, and appraisal.

Broker invests himself into YOUR success!


Business Growth

Securing new business is an important factor for all agents. Experienced agents tend to generate their own business through lead generation, past clients and referrals. Newer agents often need leads to work. Here at HallDoran Realty, your success is our success; so we aim to help you leverage and grow your social network and assist with lead generation.

Free Quality Leads in Your Farm Area

Broker-Assisted Paid Zillow Advertising

Social Media Postings

Client-Focused Social Media Library

Free Professional Photography on ALL Listings

Free Matterport Videos on Select Listings

Free Agent and Custom Listing Signs

Optional In-House TC for $350/Transaction


No Fee Marketing

Become Known, Make More.

Typically, real estate agents will spend 4% to 8% of their gross income in advertising costs. Here in San Diego, this cost may be up to $1,300 per transaction. Imagine if you could pocket those costs? Here at HallDoran Realty, we reinvest the company's portion of your split into your business. Our proven marketing process is executed on your behalf, so you can focus on doing what you do best...building relationships and selling homes. Our base advertising package is no cost to you!



All commission splits are graduated; the more you close, the higher commission you receive. 


Business Builders plan is for newer agents or agents who only want to transact on a limited basis. There is ample training and attention given to Business Builders, ensuring they are prepared to grow into the best real estate agent possible, helping them graduate into Top Producers.


Top Producers plan is for seasoned agents who historically transact more than 20 sales within the past 24 months.


Teams are defined as three or more members. Commissions will be paid to the team. Each team must be a registered entity. Each team is responsible to create and implement the payout structure to team members. Broker to approve team structure. *Annual Cap varies with team size. 



Keep up to 95% of your commission after a low annual cap

Full-time broker support

Free personal (1-on-1) training

Free professional photography for listings

Free 3D Matterport videos for listings†

Free For Sale signs (agent and custom signage†)

Free property listing website†

Free 1,000 colored business cards

Free secure email

Free transaction management software

In-House low cost Transaction Coordinator 

† Select listings, broker discretion. 

NO Franchise Fees

NO Monthly brokerage fees

NO E&O or "risk management" insurance fees

NO Desk fees

NO File fees

NO Broker review fees

NO Transaction fees

NO Compliance fees

NO Tech fees

NO Training fees


Earn Extra Revenue for Referring Agents

You can earn 3% for each agent you refer, calculated based on the gross commission income (GCI) per each transaction.‡

‡ Revenue share is calculated on referred agent's gross commission income (GCI), and is paid from HallDoran Realty's portion of the commission split. The revenue sharing program is valid during the referred agent's first  12 months with the brokerage, or until the referred agent has reached their first annual cap.  Does not apply to the referral of teams referring agents to their own team; however, a team may earn a referral fee if the referred agent joins HallDoran Realty as an independent agent. The maximum revenue share paid at any one time is $1,000. 


Services & Support

Whether you need a little or a lot, HallDoran Realty will keep you on today’s cutting edge of technology and tools to help you grow your business. Here's a sampling of services we offer you.

Free Quality Leads in Your Farm Area

Free Professional Photography

1,000 Free Colored Business Cards

Broker-Assisted Paid Zillow Advertising

Free 3D Matterport Videos on Select Listings

In-House Transaction Coordinator For Reduced Cost


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Either complete the form below and the broker will contact you at your convenience, or set an appointment that fits within your schedule.


HalLDoran Realty founders, Brendon Hall and Denis Doran

Meet the founders of HallDoran Realty. Broker Brendon Hall (right) and Denis Doran (left) collectively founded HallDoran Realty. Being a San Diego native, Denis provides a unique perspective on the local real estate market. Together with Brendon Hall's 25+ years as a broker, appraiser, developer and investor, they make one heck of a team. Join us in building the greatest real estate venture in San Diego!